Asset Management

Leased asset management

Leased asset management is the integration of business activities covering the following core disciplines:

  • Transaction origination
  • Technical lease management
  • Contract lease management
  • Residual value management

What does it mean

Transaction origination - buying, re-marketing for lease and        selling of aircraft and engine assets;

Technical lease management - aircraft inspections prior to purchase and routinely during the lease term, aircraft delivery, re-delivery or lease transition project management, and the administration of lessor obligations under the lease, such as maintenance reserve claim assessment;

Contract lease management – monitoring a lessee’s compliance with its obligations under the lease agreement, ensuring lease rental and other payments are invoiced and paid on time and that routine activities such as submitting reports and renewal of insurance are completed on time; and

Residual value management – in addition to ensuring the lessee complies with its obligations for maintaining, repairing and modifying the aircraft, effective lease management identifies opportunities during the life cycle of the aircraft to optimize the future value of the aircraft or extract additional value from the asset.

We will support you

Aergen is able to provide these services for owners who do not wish to invest in their own leasing platform. Aergen does not discriminate against managed aircraft; applying the same standards of care for all assets whether owned or under lease management services.

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