Engine Part-Out Solutions

The life of an aircraft

When an aircraft reaches the end of its useful life as a leased asset, the engines typically have continued operational life as independently leased assets; if not then they will be candidates for part out.

Our engine parts business - Avioserv

Aergen’s wholly owned subsidiary, Avioserv, has a 25 year history of managing the remaining useful life of engines through short term “stub life” leases and disassembling engines to harvest repairable parts for re-sale to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), engine maintenance and repair organisations (MRO) and Airlines.

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Experience in managing and re-selling

Following some 800 engine part out projects, Avioserv’s database of part numbers and sales performance enables Aergen to complete precise future value analysis for comparison with the values generated by the Appraisal community.

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