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Aergen is an aircraft lessor specialising in the acquisition, lease management and residual value maximisation of mid-life and older, current production, Airbus and Boeing narrow-body aircraft.

​Operating Lease

Under an operating lease the Airline retains responsibility for maintenance, operations and insurance; the lessor retains ownership risk. This frees up an airline’s balance sheet to support core business activity and product development whilst ensuring the operator has no exposure to future value risk and has flexibility to optimise its fleet to match business conditions.

Aergen provides additional flexibility to its customers through the provision of innovative “end of life” leasing strategies that enable further cost effective utilisation of the aircraft and its engines as the asset approaches retirement.


Aergen purchases used narrow-body aircraft under sale and leaseback structures directly with airline customers or from other lessors and institutional investors, usually with an underlying lease arrangement in place.

Aergen does not purchase new aircraft from the manufacturers but the management team has extensive experience of acquiring and placing new aircraft under direct purchase arrangements with the OEMs.

​Sales and Disposition

Aergen generally acquires aircraft with a view towards long-term ownership and end of life, additional value extraction. This is achieved by integrating Aergen’s efficient lease management practices with the expertise of the Avioserv team to manage engine ‘stub-life’ leasing and part-out processes.

Whilst not engaged upon an active aircraft sales strategy, Aergen does recognise the occasional opportunity to sell aircraft to other investors and will dispose of assets where market conditions support such a strategy.

Aergen is able to provide all these services to aircraft owners and investors who do not possess this leasing platform expertise.

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